Need a quick, safe cash infusion into your business? Traditional commercial loans might offer long-term, low-interest business funding, but it can be a long difficult (almost impossible) process of approval. 


Cash advance funding is a great alternative to a traditional loan offering you a simple, flexible solution to navigate the ups and downs of today’s economy. 


A cash advance allows small business owners, in the retail sector, with fixed or non-liquid assets to finance theircompany’s short-term operational needs (e.g. purchasing stock for the holiday peak period, optimising marketing campaigns for the quieter periods or acquiring fixed assets like equipment). 


The amount of money a business can access is based on your business’ average monthly card turnover.


You’ll receive the funding in a lump sum, to your business’ bank account, in exchange for a percentage of future card (and/or EFT) transactions for a pre-agreed period. After each trading day, a percentage of sales will be deducted until your cash advance is fully paid off. When business is slow, your repayments can be reduced as they are based directly on sales – this keeps payments flexible.


  • Fast, simple application process: Applying for a business cash advance is painless and straightforward. We’ll evaluate two criteria: the revenue from your monthly card transactions and length of time in business. 

  • High approval rates: Working capital loans rely on your actual business performance rather than your credit rating, which allows almost any stable business to qualify for funding. Your loan amount will be based on your average monthly revenue from the previous 12 months.

  • Quick solution to cash flow problems: Retail / Merchant cash advances offer a fast turnaround time because of the simple application process. Commercial loans can take weeks or even months, whereas a business cash advance can be processed within approximately five working days after receiving your application and all required documentation. This responsiveness can help you pay a creditor in an emergency, or seize a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity as it arises. Merchant funding is a great way to grow a small business.

  • Your repayments are revenue-based: A retail / merchant cash advance keeps your repayments affordable and flexible. You won’t necessarily need to risk any collateral or assets, giving you peace of mind. Unlike traditional loans, which require a fixed monthly payment, working capital payments fluctuate based on your sales volume. This percentage-based collection policy supports small businesses through tough months as opposed to draining them.


Who qualifies for a Business Cash Advance?

Business Cash Advances are offered to businesses that accept credit or debit cards as a payment option, or have a consistent monthly EFT income. You need to have a successful trading history of at least one year, as well as a turnover of at least R1 000 000 (one million rand) per year to qualify for a Business Cash Advance.

What will a Business Cash Advance cost me?

At Business Capital, we charge you a very competitive factor rate. The rate depends on the term you choose to repay the advance.

What are the advantages for obtaining a Business Cash Advance?

Speedy, easy and simple application process The Business Cash Advance can be paid to you in approximately 5 business days No security needed (terms and conditions apply) Payments are flexible, when business is down you have an option to pay less and vice versa You don’t have to worry about repayments as it is directly tied to your business’s daily card sales

How much funding does my business qualify for?

The advance amount you qualify for is calculated on the total income of your business, credit card, cash, and EFT transactions.

How can we help you reach your business goals?

Contact us today to find out if you qualify for a retail / merchant cash advance.

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